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Red Eye cover raw social, emotional and political issues, based on the foundation that every song should carry a message.

Red Eye is centred on the music and lyrics of Trevor Perfect and features guest vocalists. Trevor plays all the instruments, slowly building up tracks and adding each instrument, layer by layer, until the song is complete.

Red Eye aim to address the lack of protest songs that exists today, compared with the rich tapestry of protest songs and singers of the past. To quote Patti Smith, "it is important ... to communicate, to wake people up ... We all have a voice. We have a responsibility to exercise it, to use it."

He is making some progress, as the legend that is Billy Bragg said that the track Little England was "Spot on" and a "powerful response to the 'Is Protest Music Dead?' question".

The track Moroccan Fruit, about the plight of refugees fleeing famine, poverty and genocide, also received considerable critical acclaim. The track was played on many radio stations around the world and was also awarded the runner up 'SONG OF THE DECADE' by the UK radio station SevernFM and 2nd song of the year by another radio station. The excellent and highly recommended Sixteen Million Rising, the UK's first "grassroots" pro-European radio show, has played several Red Eye songs and said Moroccan Fruit was "Possibly the best song we've ever featured". The excellent reviews included: "Moroccan Fruit oozes a charm that makes it spine-tinglingly beautiful, whilst also has a class about it that makes Red Eye a band that are worth their weight in gold."

Reviews of the first album A Riot Calls my Name have said:

"Unlike the majority of today's popular music [Red Eye] tackles extremely difficult subject matter ... with the melody and arrangement that is both haunting and enchanting"
"The lyrics are top notch, the melody is genius in its simplicity and the singer is absolutely phenomenal. Check it out."
"Great vocals by Heidi Vogel - who contributes a combination of Nina Simone, Sade and Adele in her voice" while the lyrics are "poetry set to music that tell stories"


The music and lyrics should speak for themselves, but if you would like to know more and/or if you are interested in any aspects of the lyrics, music or of the construction and development of the tracks, please email Equally, if you are a vocalist who would like to work on future projects, please provide an example of your work via the website or email address.

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